Foreground Subtraction (a visual mockup)

// November 18th, 2009 // Computational Media

I have revised the steps I have broken down for this project.  While I work through programming them I have put together a visual mockup of how I plan it to look.  First is a timelapse of a space to illustrate the motion involved.

Next is a video illustrating the stages of how the foreground will be subtracted and the background reconstructed.

The steps I outlined in my previous post had one point that needed some revisions. In determining a threshold to compare pixel values, it is easier to use a reference frame to establish a threshold from, as opposed to comparing each image to all of the others. So now, I plan on breaking the process up in to two stages. The first will average each pixel across all of the images and write the averaged value to the screen. The next will then determine the mean of each pixel below the threshold (with the threshold being determined in reference to the averaged pixels from the previous stage).

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