Making live television interactive

// January 26th, 2010 // Interactive Television

For Live Experimental Interactive Television (LEIT) class this week we were asked to watch a live television broadcast and think of ways that it can be made interactive.  This worked well with my plans of getting to watch one of the few Pittsburgh Penguins hockey games that are televised here.  As far as adding interactivity in to this type of programming a few things came to mind.  One is that during intermission there is often a player or two that is interviewed.  Often that is dictated by their play (someone scores a goal that period).  An alternative to this system, could be for users to send in SMS messages voting for who they would like to hear from during intermission.  Away from the television and moving on to the computer screen, I thought it could be interesting if the camera selections or commentary could be influenced by keywords that occur in conversation amongst a chat room embedded into the site displaying the game.  Those are just a few thoughts so far, but it will be interesting to shift to this frame of mind in the future and continue to think of more.

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