Two screen set ups for the Superbowl

// February 9th, 2010 // Interactive Television

While watching the Superbowl over the weekend, we were asked to look around for sites set up to act as a second screen to watch the game. The variety of options I came across were surprisingly slim. I went to all of the major sites I could think of (NFL, ESPN, CBS, NBC, Sports Illustrated, New York Times, etc.) and found many of the same results. Most sites would have a combination of: a chat room, a visualization of the play by plays, a blog, a photo blog, trivia and a few other similar options. The site that seemed to have the more interesting set up was actually TSN. They were using Facebook Connect to allow users to sign in and compete in games against their friends and/or the rest of the users on the site. Polls were constantly being added and users would vote on each to earn points. They would cover all sorts of questions, from who would get the next touch down to how many yards would be gained on the next play. Each option rewarding the correct answer a varying number of points. As the game went on and point tallies rose, prizes were offered to whoever finished on top.

The interesting thing I found about this game was the social aspect of it. Another observation I had was that Twitter and Facebook were sort of loosely organized second screens in themselves. All of these options seemed to me more successful in the respect that people would rather read what their friends have to say about the game than strangers (or even respected bloggers in many instances).

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