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Pixel Distortion

// September 27th, 2009 // No Comments » // Computational Media

This week in ICM we were asked to create a sketch that made use of functions and objects. I decided to go a bit more abstract on this one. The sketch is below. The lines are being drawn from the center out with a random displacement between each other of -1 to 1. A second instance of the object is drawn one pixel up and to the right when any key is pressed. It produces a crazy glitching effect because of being drawn on keypress instead of in the draw loop. As for the strange patterns within the lines, I can’t fully explain what’s going on there. But from what I do know, they are caused from the lines being too dense for the resolution of the pixels. As well, because they are thin lines drawn on an angle across the grid, the lines have jagged parts because of their adherence to the grid. The proximity of these jagged parts to each other is what creates the patterns.


You can try out the sketch and see the code.