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Daft Bodies (via SMS)

// February 9th, 2010 // No Comments » // Interactive Television

Last week in Live Experimental Interactive Television we were asked to create a site where users were able to interact with video by SMS. Teaming up with Adam Harvey, Edward Gordon and Mustafa Bagdatli we created the above video. Drawing upon the ridiculousness of the Daft Bodies meme, we thought it would be funny to give users the ability to control the characters with their phones. One of the things I thought worked well was the ability to send in a word via text and see that word acted out and sung with the typical Daft Punk vocoder sound. One of the drawbacks would be scale. It worked well with a class room full of people, but it might get out of control with thousands of viewers. A few ways to approach this problem may be to change the nature of the content, divide up the screen and then provide many more options. If this was the case, you could construct some sort of game based goal which people may be able to see the result of their actions clearer.